A Bit About Tomelier


 Tomelier was born in 2019 out of a passion and desire to help people understand more about the wine they were buying in the shops and drinking in restaurants.  

Wine is a wonderful, delicious, emotional and social product that is born from science, geography and people, it is also confusing and often intimidating! After working in wine retail for a number of years it became apparent that people are crying out for some help and tips in deciding what to spend their hard earned cash on. 

From this came Tomelier 

What better way is there to pass on some of my knowledge than with a glass in hand amongst friends and colleagues in a relaxed and fun atmosphere?


Tomelier corkscrew T 2
Tom from Tomelier looking at and smelling a glass of red wine.


The “Tom” in Tomelier, and a passionate wine enthusiast, I left the legal world following the birth of my daughter in 2016. Wanting a new challenge (and an excuse to drink more wine) I fell in to the wonderful world of wine. In  2017 I was awarded a Distinction in the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) level 3 Award in Wine, winning the prestigious Michael Cox Vintners’ Award in the process.  Coming from a family of educators it was only a matter of time before I joined the profession, but of course with wine the subject of choice!

Tomelier corkscrew T 2