Wine Tasting Experiences

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Types of Wine Tasting Experience

You don’t want a run of the mill, generic tasting, with a host trying to sell you some wine so they can  earn some commission. We’ve been to that type of wine tasting and they aren’t fun. That’s why we’ve flipped the wine tasting concept on it’s head. We are truly independent with the ability to select any wine that will suit you and your event. What does that mean for you in practice? To put it simply, you choose the budget and give us as much or as little information as you want to plan the event and we’ll take it from there.  Whether that be in-person or virtually. 

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Fun and Games!

A tasting of six wines interspersed with six random and lighthearted wine based games. Wordsearches, anagrams and the like.  

A test of your Geography skills! Can you blind taste your way around the world of wine working out which country you’re on? We’ll give you a few very dubious clues to help you on your way!

A wine based shameless rip-off of the popular TV show. With of course wine tasting.

Pick out the flavours and aromas of the wines you try on your bingo card. Can you be the first to claim a line?

A classic game of guess the price of six differently priced wines. Can you pick out the fine wine?

Styles of Tastings

Are you looking for some inspiration for your tasting?

Click on each theme to find out more. Remember, your wine tasting is created for you so if you want a combination, or if you have your own ideas all you need do is ask!

Wine and Food

Learn the basics of food and wine pairing. What should you be eating with that big tannic red? Does fish always mean white?

You will try six wines along with six paired cheeses provided by local cheesemongers.

Two guilty pleasures. See how they work (or don’t) together)

The phrase “pizza wine” is all too common, but a pizza can be topped with anything. Discover how your choice of toppings should influence your choice of wine.

Order your favourite takeaway and let us bring the wines to match!

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Discover the basics of wine making with a tasting of six key styles from around the world. Learn how climate and a winemaker’s choices will effect the taste of the wine.

Do you have a favourite wine making country or region? Want to learn more about that place of discover some new wine styles? Then this is the tasting for you.

Discover six wines from countries or regions that you may not expect to be making wine.

Taste some fabulous wines made by small producers adhering to natural winemaking principles or adopting revolutionary techniques in the winery.

Who doesn’t like a drop of fizz? With numerous styles to explore this tasting solely focuses on sparkling wine.

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Who do we host tastings for?

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Corporate Wine Tasting

We understand that sometimes you will want to treat your clients or have some downtime with your team. A wine tasting is a great activity to help create a bonded and motivated team and can be a novel and eye catching way of marketing products and services to your client. Our corporate wine tastings are:

  • fun and entertaining
  • a brilliant team building session
  • great for confidence building
  • educational
  • tailored to your brief, taking into account your specific area of business and ethos
  • inclusive, providing a non-alcoholic option if required.

We can run an event virtually, come to your place of work or arrange an alternative location should that be your preference.  We work closely with conference centres so if you have an away day planned and are looking for some much needed downtime at the end of the day, let us know and we can work with your existing arrangements. To find out more about some customer specific tastings that we have put together then get in touch.

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Social Groups

Are you planning a family get together? Have you got a birthday or special event to plan? Are you getting married and looking to organise a hen do? Or maybe you’re part of a local wine group? Whatever your reason for wanting a tasting we will create a bespoke wine tasting just for you. 

We can host a virtual wine tasting, or come to your home or holiday accommodation. Inside or outside, we cater to your space. Do you have a specific budget? Do you want to learn more about a region or grape? Do you just want to let your hair down? We provide all sorts of tastings for all types of budget.

What does this cost? Our prices start from as little as £27.50 per person for an in-person event. Get in touch with Tomelier and let us know what we can do for you!


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Virtual Tastings

We understand that getting together for a great wine tasting is not always feasible. Maybe you’re part of a nationwide team or perhaps your family are now dotted around the country. That’s why Tomelier have become leaders in virtual tastings.

With our 100ml, lightweight and brandable wine pouches we are able to offer our unique tasting experiences to you and your guests in the comfort of your own home. Our proposition hasn’t changed. We still work with you and your budget to create a unique, entertaining and informative wine tasting for you and your guests, but now we can package and dispatch your wine in easy to use wine pouches.

Prices start from £30.00 per person to include UK delivery of six wine samples in our Wine Pouches  and a dedicated bespoke virtual wine tasting with one of the Tomelier wine experts lasting around 90 minutes.

Get in touch now and let’s get your virtual tasting off the ground!

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Our proposal is a simple one. We offer your clients a bespoke wine tasting showcasing your wine list and in the room that you have already provided them. What’s in it for you?

  • your client’s are exposed your wine list..
  • your wine sales can be boosted by us highlighting the brilliant products available in your bar and restaurant.
  • your clients remain on site, rather than seeking entertainment elsewhere.
  • we take all the pressure of organising the event.
  • your clients a bespoke event, tailored to their exact needs and requirements.

A typical wine tasting takes about 60 -90 minutes, perfect for that end of day pre-dinner down time. Following the tasting your clients will be in a better position to  choose a cracking wine to go with their dinner.

The cost? Our prices start from as little as £20.00 per delegate attending. 

For a detailed conversation about what we can offer you, please contact us and someone from Tomelier will be in touch as soon as possible.

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