Beauty and the Bottle

A selection of different shaped wine bottles

Beauty and the Bottle One of the biggest phenomena to come about in the wine world of recent times is the industry obsession with creating ‘statement bottles’. Whilst trawling the wine shelves of your local wine haunt, you may have spotted many a curved bottle, squat bottle, tall bottle and even a square bottle, all …

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How do you “taste” wine?

Three white and three red wine samples

How do you “taste” wine? One question we are probably asked more than most is, “how do you taste wine?”. We’ve all seen self proclaimed wine experts swilling their glass, taking a huge sniff then dramatically gurgling it before spitting it intonations silver bucket. Is that right? Yes and no. The first thing to understand …

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Tomelier has taken off!

Tom and Matt of Tomelier sampling wine

Please fasten your seat belts! Welcome to the Tomelier blog, this is where we’ll be sharing our thoughts on all things wine. Reviews of wines we’ve been drinking, top tips for seeking out bargains, highlights of our recent flights and much much more!  It’s been a crazy start to our new venture. After months of …

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