International Picnic Day 2020

Picnic Wine top picks for Taste Wolves

Ever wondered what make the best picnic wines? Then click below to hear Tom talk about three of his favourite wines ahead of International Picnic Day on June 18th. This was first broadcast on WCR FM on Sunday 14th June.

World Malbec Day

World Malbec Day Top Wines WCR FM

Want to listen again to Sunday’s radio broadcast then click below! Last Friday, April 17 was World Malbec Day. Most grapes now claim a “day”, Albariño claims a whole week, but Malbec is wine worth paying attention to. Why? Well Malbec is one of the most popular red wine grapes in the UK right now, …

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Wine for Mother’s Day

George Duboeuf Fleurie at WCR FM with Dave King

Looking at the calendar of important days of the year, there aren’t many that can trump Mothering Sunday (according to my Mum). A day where we can celebrate everything that the matriarch of the family has done for us in the past year, or remembering what they have done for pretty much every day of …

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Beauty and the Bottle

A selection of different shaped wine bottles

Beauty and the Bottle One of the biggest phenomena to come about in the wine world of recent times is the industry obsession with creating ‘statement bottles’. Whilst trawling the wine shelves of your local wine haunt, you may have spotted many a curved bottle, squat bottle, tall bottle and even a square bottle, all …

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How do you “taste” wine?

Three white and three red wine samples

How do you “taste” wine? One question we are probably asked more than most is, “how do you taste wine?”. We’ve all seen self proclaimed wine experts swilling their glass, taking a huge sniff then dramatically gurgling it before spitting it intonations silver bucket. Is that right? Yes and no. The first thing to understand …

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